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And Then We Bowled...

31,000 Square Feet. Room for More Fun...

...And then We Went to the Bar...

Come and lift your spirits with us! Check out our fully stocked neon sports bar, and ask about our drink deals. Grab a refreshing domestic or a delicious craft beer from one of our ten taps, and catch a game on one of our super HD TV's. We've got plenty of flatscreens to go around for every sports fan in the bar. Come watch the Bears, Cubs, Sox, Hawks, or Bulls win (or continue to lose). We also have Chive TV too!

Make Suburbanite Bowl your new spot to stop by real quick or hang out for a while. We look forward to seeing you on the other side of the bar and pouring you a cold one!

* Friendly disclaimer: We card everyone who drinks at our bar, and we do not condone underage drinking at Suburbanite Bowl. We are law-abiding citizens and follow the Westmont, IL Village ordinances. We card you because we care about you, and it's the right thing to do. We know that true freedom is found in following the rules and doing what is right. But like you, we also know how to have fun too! 


...And Then We Played...

In our Game Room, we've got games! Grab your beer, and come shoot some pool, play some air hockey, or bowl on our new String Bowling Lanes, brought to you by Brunswick Duckpin Social. 



We feature two 7 ft. and two 8 ft. sized pool tables. Pool is $2 per game, $5 per 3 games, or $10 per hour. Feel free to let us know if you have any interest in league competitions. 


String Bowling

We have two new String Bowling Lanes, Lanes 33 & 34. 1 Hour For One Lane = $30 • 1 Hour for Two Lanes = $55 • All Day, All Night, All Week.


Lanes 33 & 34 are "Party Ready," so come with a group of your family and friends, and just start rollin'! Plus, no bowling shoes are required. 


...And Then We Chilled...

Feel like getting into a little friendly competition with your friends? Well, we've got the games for you, and we'll supply the booze too! In our sports bar area, we've got an awesome 14 ft. Brunswick shuffleboard table, two electronic dart machines, and a sturdy foosball table that can handle a lot of action.


Or just pull up a chair anywhere you like, chill on your beer, and watch the game or Chive TV on one of our flat screens.


...And Then We Took Time to Look...

At Suburbanite Bowl, we love art and design. Stop by our Selfie Wall, and take time to look. Be sure to take some pictures of you and your friends, and make sure you get the "perfect" one with the best angle. So, take a bunch! Upload the fun to Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to tag us!


Jus' Sayin.

"Take time to look." - Georgia O'Keefe

"Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, 'Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don't, but you listen to them anyway. So, sometimes with art, it's important just to look.'" - Picasso


...And Took a Picture...


...And Chilled Some More...

Stop by anytime, take a seat in Our Bar, and make yourself at home at Our House. Come solo, with your best friend, or with your favorite crew. We welcome everyone to Our House!

Facts & Beer “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.” - Abraham Lincoln

Our Bar...a place of camaraderie, fun, and finding the truth with a beer.

Take Time to Look
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